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(I am no longer in Hong Kong although the website says, Hong Kong is in a constant trouble due to protests and all that goes with it, its not as ...nice?... as it was before, its like this tear gas mostly every week for more than half a year, so I decided to leave to return to Australia, if your keen on getting tear-gassed on the way home from work I suggest you go to Hong Kong)

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A software developer with over 20 years of experience having worked in Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong and now back to Australia. Enjoy continuous learning about I.T.

StackOverflow top 2%, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn

Events involved in

2019: I was the technical lead for our team "Access Our Community" for the Global Legal Hackathon passing two judging rounds, firstly we won the Hong Kong Hackathon weekend round then a second global online only round to narrow nearly 1000 initial teams down to becoming a Finalist as part of 12 others in the Global Legal Hackathon held in New York 2019, flew to New York to compete and attend the finals Gala. Although we did not win the finals, I enjoyed learning about how to win a hackathon!

2019: Gave a talk on "Smart Legal Contracts" at Hong Kong University,, Here is my presentation deck of the speech I gave at HKU


I provide I.T. consulting advice and software development/programming services.


Cats in Scala, a github repository where I worked through the exercises related to Cats from the book Scala with cats


Recently obtained certifications. These are mostly just to "prove" experience. (I've experienced more than the certifications).

Microsoft achievements and and Youracclaim
or as below
Simple Scala test online, 95% score click image for the certificate
Docker Certified Associate
Tezos Blockstars B9Labs course completed (accepted as one of 500 to complete a Tezos Blockchain course)
Old Java certification 2004

Diary related to I.T.

22-10-2019 Consensys: Congratulations! You have been selected as a scholarship recipient for the Blockchain Developer Bootcamp (course normally $985 USD)

18-8-2019 Tezos Blockstars: Congratulations - you passed! We are so pleased to be able to offer you a seat on the Tezos Blockstars programme!

How would I want to program an application now-days

Option 1 (for fun): Quarkus as the container, Idris language compiled to JVM running inside Quarkus

Technology learning

Currently learning the following

Products I would buy

Books wanted

Exploring ideas

Useful Linux tools

Interesting JVM libraries

Interesting Scala libraries

  • Quill
  • Seed build tool for Scala
  • Tapir
  • http4s
  • ZIO
  • Decline
  • Circe
  • Simulacrum
  • Interop cats
  • Cats
  • NeoTypes: Scala lightweight, type-safe, asynchronous driver for neo4j
  • Libraries for the secret project

  • Neo4J
  • Memgraph
  • Trying to obtain Certifications

    Studying for the following certifications now, at this moment.

    Maybe will study in the future

    Certifications I could do but not sure if I should

    Certificates of completion

    Past certifications

    Current Certification Goals

    Docker Certified Associate, Kubernetes, Prince 2, Any/All Blockchains as a hiring manager

    I have the ability to find the right talent to solve specific technical problems or manager an online team to complete your project.


    Functional Programming, Idris Programming Language, Lojban (spoken, written) human logical language,


    Dense YAML is DAML?, how densely can YAML be expressed in an alternative way? Is this still readable and editable? Dense YAML is DAML

    api version apps/v1, kind Deployment
    metadata name helloweb, labels app hello
    spec> selector matchLabels app hello, tier web
    s> template> metadata labels app hello, tier web
    t> spec containers> - name hello-app
    c> image
    c> ports - containerPort 8080

    Same YAML

    apiVersion: apps/v1
    kind: Deployment
      name: helloweb
        app: hello
          app: hello
          tier: web
            app: hello
            tier: web
          - name: hello-app
            - containerPort: 8080<